Eavestrough Major Issues and Appropriate Solution

20 July 18


Eavestroughs are made to protect your home from the water attack. We buy and install eavestrough for the safety of our homes’ roof and foundation. Often the eavestroughs stop to work and create problems in two ways either standing water or draining water inaccurately.

We need to keep it tidy to prevent any issues in the future. So, it will be better to stay aware of common issues of your eavestrough and also find its solution. Take a look:

Step 1.Clogged Eavestrough

The most common problem, clogged eavestrough appears when it gets blocked with the dirt and debris. As a result, it starts to damage the roof and base. Its simple solution is cleaning of eavestrough with the help of cleaning practitioner.

Step 2.Leakage

If eavestrough is not maintained properly, definitely it will deliver leakage problem. This issue can be sorted out by caulking the joints of eavestrough. It may be difficult to be done by an individual, so be careful otherwise take help of a service provider.

Step 3.Improper Position

Eavestroughs are used to prevent water gathering in the roof base. It happens if the installation of downspouts is done too tight, the purpose of installing eavestrough will not be achieved. It is better to position the downspouts in a correct way.

Step 3.Defective Eavestrough Base

Eavestrough requires a small pitch to drain the water correctly. If it is thrown, it may start to stand. This is dangerous to deliver trigger corrode, mould, leakage and cracks to your home. Inspect the standing water into the eavestrough and repair the pitch.

Step 3.Saggy Eavestrough

With growing time, the eavestrough may become saggy or may pull away in the house. It happens when it is not cleaned properly. It’s better solution is a replacement of new eavestrough.

If you are getting these all issues with your eavestrough, you need to troubleshoot the problem immediately before it could become a major issue. In case, you are needing for an expert specializing in eavestrough repair then get in touch with Prestige Aluminum & Siding.