Why Install Vinyl Sidings On Your Homes?

28 June 17

Why Install Vinyl Sidings On Your Homes?

Summers are very hot months that are generally harsh on both flora and fauna, including your homes. When it comes to your home structure, exterior walls and roofs are the elements that suffer the most. If you are planning to beat the effect of summers this season, then siding installation and painting is one of the effective solutions. Vinyl siding installation offers many great benefits which include protecting your home structure against cracks, warps, and discolorations. To ensure proper installation and to prevent repairs, its advised to hire a professional siding contractor for service.

Some reasons to install vinyl sidings are:

  1. Cost: Vinyl siding is quite affordable compared to all other sidings. They cost three times less than the wood and cedar siding. In addition, it boosts insulation features, thereby reducing the energy bills. This means you can not only save money on installation but also on energy bills.
  2. Appearance: With so many vinyl styles and designs out there in the market, a homeowner can choose any of them depending on his needs. Whether you need horizontal panels or cedar shakes, modern vinyl designs can fulfill all the design needs. You can ideally choose any texture or pattern that complements your home design and color. Consider choosing vinyl that are UV resistant and prevent fading of the paint.
  3. Insulation: Vinyl is popular because of its insulation capabilities. Intense of summer heat deteriorates the home insulation, thereby reducing the interior comfort. To make you enjoy warm interiors in winters and cool in summers, vinyl sidings play a great role. By reducing and preventing the heat loss, they are responsible for improving the insulation of your home, thereby saving you with money. Unlike wood sidings that trap moisture, the vinyl material retains it.
  4. Durable: When it comes to long life, vinyl material is an effective choice. Due to its ability to resist moisture, it prevents the common structural damages such as cracks, rotting, corrosion and warping of wooden installations. Even some branded vinyl sidings come with lifetime warranties that tend to remain for a couple of decades and over.
  5. Maintenance: Vinyl sidings require typically very little maintenance compared to cedar sidings that need to be maintained regularly. A simple wiping with a wet cloth can remove all the stains and other dirt. To make it look clean and fresh, consider washing the surfaces having vinyl sidings at least twice a year.

These are some of the common reasons to install vinyl sidings. If you are planning to preserve the beauty of your home by installing vinyl siding, feel free to consult our siding contractors at Prestige Aluminum & Siding.