3 Signs Pointing Towards Roof Repair

19 August 19

Roof Repair

Roof is an essential element of a home that provides protection against tough weather conditions, sunlight and other calamities. It is also a costly investment that tends to stay in shape for decades. No matter, how durable your roofing structure is, it may degrade over time, especially if not maintained properly.

Being a responsible homeowner, you should never ignore any roofing issue that comes over as it may turn up into a major repair in the coming time. Some signs you should look for while inspecting a roof for damages are:

  1. Water Stains on the Ceiling
    The most common roof problem that often comes up is water seepage or moisture accumulation that can penetrate inside the ceiling. If you notice any black stains or strange spots on the ceiling or attic, it may be due to water seeping through the shingles. The best solution is to call an expert roofer to address the problem.
  2. Broken or Missing Shingles
    Nothing stays forever is true when it comes to roofs. No matter, with how many efforts the roof shingles were laid, you may still have to deal with missing or broken or curled up shingles after years of installation. Inspect your roof at least once in a month to keep a check on broken or missing shingles. If the shingles are in a wear or tear situation, get them replaced as soon as possible.
  3. Moss or Mold Growth on Roof
    Is your roof having a bit of green colored moss or mold growth? If yes, this is an obvious warning sign pointing towards roof repair. During heavy rains, moisture gets trapped in between the shingles. When this moisture is not addressed or remains there for longer, it leads to moss growth that can increase at a faster rate and can lead to major repairs.

So, these are the few common signs of roof repair you should look for while inspecting a roof. If you are planning a roof installation or replacement project, feel free to consult our experienced roofers at Prestige Aluminum & Siding.