How To Know That Your Home Exterior Is In Good Condition?

28 June 19

Home Exterior

Periodically checking your home exterior prevents high repair bills and other worsening problems. Your home exterior goes through various harsh weather conditions, which can result in deteriorating its appearance.

Now, the question arises where do you start to inspect your home and how? Follow the below steps to be sure that your home is in good condition or not.


  • Check the top floor of your interior ceiling from inside of your premises whether there is any water spots or any indication of mold.
  • Inspect if there is any crack or damage occur on the shingles. Carefully look for the signs of wind, hail or other storm damages.


  • Inspect if your siding has any sign of moisture damage like rot, mildew or mold.
  • Any warped chipped or dented siding.
  • Paint or color is faded away
  • Signs of pest infestation around siding.

Windows & doors

  • Old, broken, damaged or difficult to open and close
  • Find the caulking showing signs of shrinking
  • Unable to control the noise from outside


  • Is there any leakage or moisture damaged in your home?
  • Is your gutter unable to drain water away from your property quickly?

If yes, and you notice all the problems mentioned above with your home, you have to opt for its repair as soon as possible. At Prestige Aluminum & Siding, we provide a complete range of siding, eavestrough, soffit & fascia, door and window services in the GTA to our residential and commercial clients at a reasonable cost. Feel free to call us and discuss your needs with our professionals.