4 Warning Signs Your Windows Need Repair

24 July 19

Windows Need Repair

Windows deal with sunlight and freezing winter and provide us with a shield from harsh weather conditions. Over time, your windows get damaged and start to show the signs for the repair. If you ignore these signs, you have to bear with the cost of window replacement.

All you need to look for those signs and immediately call the professionals to repair it.

Signs Your Windows Need Repair

  • Water Entering Through The Windows
    The rainwater entering through windows can result in developing molds. It can even allow the water to affect entire walls.
  • Difficult To Open & Close
    Problems in the hardware make your windows difficult to open and close. However, it should be as simple to operate as possible eliminating your effort.
  • Unexplained Energy Bills
    Cracks and gaps in the windows let the heat, and cold air passed through. It creates problems in maintaining the ideal temperature in your room — this leads to getting increased energy bills.
  • Condensation
    Condensation builds up between window panes when the window seals get broken or poorly installed. It mostly happens with double pane windows. Condensation is a big sign that the seal in your window unit is damaged and it needs repair.

On noticing the signs mentioned above, call us at Prestige Aluminum & Siding to get best-in-class window installation in Toronto. We specialize in offering repair, replacement and maintenance of all kinds of windows. Free to call us to request a free quote.